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Wine is made on the vine

The age-old vineyard at Finca La Legua was restructured in the eighties to shift from a traditional cultivation method, using a goblet vine training system and a mixture of varieties on one single plot of land, to the current system of cultivation, with training by espalier on single-variety plots.

Today, La Legua consists of 80 hectares of vineyards with ages ranging from 28 to 35 years, divided into 7 plots, or the 7 Leagues which are the focus of our attention, each with its own particular features and nuances that stand out. Depending upon the soil properties, each plot of land is planted with the Tempranillo (85%), Red Grenache (8%) or Cabernet Sauvignon (7%) varieties. Each of them receives the most appropriate care and is subject to a separate production process.

Soil Type:
For the most part, the soil is made up of alluvial remains and gravel originating from the Tertiary Era. This stony soil forces the plant’s roots to grow deeper down in search of moisture, thereby obtaining more and better nutrients from the earth. Moreover, the heat which the stones retain during the day is released slowly during the night, attenuating the large temperature differences between day and night, having a positive effect on the ripening of the grapes.

Extreme continental climate, characterized by large temperature differences between winter and summer, and therefore the plant is subjected to constant temperature fluctuations to which it must adapt.

Vineyard Tasks:
Throughout the year, the vineyard receives as much painstaking care and attention as if it were a child. On each vine stock, a minimum 22 different tasks are performed, of which the most important are pruning, preventive treatments, summer pruning, thinning and harvesting.

From 2 to 2.5 kilograms per vine stock.

All of the tasks in the vineyard are performed with one sole objective: to obtain a small grape of extraordinary quality with a good phenol concentration.

Mechanized on the plots of land intended for La Legua Joven, La Legua Garnacha and La Legua Roble; hand picked on the plots intended for La Legua Crianza and La Legua Reserva, and hand picked with manual grape selection for the family selection wine La Legua Capricho.