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We are premiering a new website, and with it many new projects that we would like to share with you.

Let’s start with our range of wines: we have two more members in the family which are making a great showing. They were both created with the year 2013 harvest, and they are all dressed up and ready to be launched out into the world: 7L Rosado de una noche and La Legua Garnacha. The rest of our wines, keeping up the pace, are preparing to don new labels in upcoming vintages. And as for us, we are preparing new tours through the Estate of La Legua, with its vineyards, wine production, ageing, tradition, innovation… Wine tourism in its finest form!

¿Are you tempted by all these innovations?
Well, don’t miss out on anything, and follow up on the latest in our news section!

Have any ideas, suggestions, proposals?
La Legua is opening up the doors of its new blog and its winery. Get in touch with us!