Letter from Emeterio

Fuensaldaña, 21 October 2013

When we decided to develop the project of La Legua, we thought that, in addition to using the proper technical and entrepreneurial knowledge necessary to achieve its viability, it was also essential to focus our attention on other aspects which, though less material, are not at all trivial in terms of human development.

All human activity is capable of becoming creative and artistic, and vine growing and wine making are two fields that very much lend themselves to the creation and development of art.

Wine production is conditioned by many factors which play some sort of role in each stage of the production process, forcing us to reach decisions and choose to go down specific paths. From the grapes’ cultivation, with more than twenty possible ways to act on the vines throughout the full annual cycle, and later throughout the whole process of producing the wines and ageing them, making choices from amongst the many different options for working with the wines forms the brushstrokes which gradually create a sketch of the wine and structure the final canvas of the artwork which is Wine. And as such, it possesses a unique, personal and unmatchable character. This is what you will find in the wine of La Legua.

Another aspect which we have attempted to highlight is our welcoming attitude, a faithful reflection and inspiration of the family behind the project of La Legua. At La Legua, we try to create a pleasant atmosphere not just for our family, friends and collaborators, but also for the people who come in with an interest about the world of vineyards and wines, making their visit to our installations a real experience that they will truly cherish as a memory.

It is these little details which pervade the philosophy of this modest family undertaking and fill our project with meaning.

Emeterio Fernández Marcos